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MamAtoB Travel Insurance Statement on Monarch

At MamAtoB Travel Insurance, we are sad to see the news today regarding the failure of Monarch. We are even more distressed to learn that there are MamAtoB customers both abroad on holiday and due to travel with Monarch.

In the First instance contact CAA – or 0300 303 2800 from the UK or +44 1753 330330 from outside the UK

Can I claim on my Travel Insurance?

MamAtoB is a very comprehensive travel policy which does cover Financial Failure of Travel Providers. However there are conditions and the policy will not be active in all circumstances you must follow the guidance and instructions in the policy wording to see whether you have the basis for a claim, now or in the future.. the policy wording is online (Click Here) the financial failure section is section 18 and on page 29.

This policy is a policy of last resort.

It will not cover all customers or all circumstances where a loss has occurred as a result of this companies failure.

Guidance on procedure customers should follow:

If all of the above options fail, please contact our  assistance company for further guidance If in the UK on 01623 683 585, if abroad +44 (0)20 7902 7123

DO NOT incur any additional costs without authority of the Assistance company.

Customers abroad, whose return flights have been cancelled.

We note that repatriation of Monarch customers currently abroad is being organised by the CAA, please refer to the website for further information on this, however please do not incur any additional costs in respect of accommodation or travel without the authority of the assistance company.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance.