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Employee benefits - Health

Employee Benefits - Health - Independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in Belfast, Luton and Leeds

Putting well-being at the forefront of your commercial agenda

Health and well-being benefits can be part of a long-term strategy to improve the productivity, engagement and health care of staff. The wellness and well-being perk has become an important part of company healthcare and sickness absence strategies. Typical services include: healthcare cash plans, private medical insurance, health screening, counselling, fitness strategies and healthy eating.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) was sometimes regarded as an expensive commodity, but it now offers great value for money and in most circumstances is a savvy business decision as plans will, for a wide variety of medical conditions, allow your employees prompt treatment if they fall ill. They also offer a wide variety of added extras. Many plans include 24-hour medical advice lines and preventative treatments and services. Others offer business specific options that focus on common worksite complaints, like stress and musculoskeletal problems.

Health Cash Plans

Health cash plans can either complement a PMI scheme or act as a high-value, lower-cost alternative. They offer fixed cash amounts for everyday health costs and can help to tackle minor health problems before they become major ones. With the evolution of such schemes there is a level of cross over with PMI insurance and the variety of products available gives businesses great choice and options.

Private Dental Insurance

With NHS dentists becoming increasingly hard to find, not everyone can afford to go private. If you’re looking for a cost-effective benefit that your employees are likely to use and appreciate, we can tailor a competitive package on your behalf or we can also provide Dental cover as part of some PMI and Cash plans.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Stress is one of the most common causes of worksite absence. An EAP is a confidential telephone counselling service that supports employees on a range of different topics. A relatively low cost employee benefit, it can be a great way to prevent stressful situations turning into stress related absences.

There are a multitude of providers who distribute these products either stand alone or as part of a wider scope of cover. Finding the right solution can be difficult with so much choice.

Ravenhall can design the right solution to fit the needs of your organisation and to suit all budgets. All of our products are modular and can be tailored to not only your business but also into different cover levels for different employees within your business.

Talk to your team at Ravenhall who will provide you with advice on the right solution for your business.

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