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Environmental Impairment Liability

Environmental Impairment Liability - Independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in Belfast, Luton and Leeds

Protecting against damage to the environment.

Environmental Impairment Liability responds to recent legislation and case law which increases the obligations on property occupiers, contractors and owners to protect and restore their environment rather than just indemnifying third parties financially. Standard public liability policies only cover third party property damage and bodily injury arising from sudden and accidental incidents.

EIL products can cover sudden & accidental and gradual pollution including historical issues, statutory clean up on site, first party clean-up, cover for the Environmental Liability Directive, Environmental Damage and loss mitigation. Policies can also include third party liabilities, on/off-site clean-up, defence costs and contingencies (such as business interruption).

As such, it is not satisfactory to rely on your general liability insurance as a last line of defence, the nature of environmental issues is such that many circumstances that lead to a claim are so complex a dedicated and specialist Environmental impairment product is the best advice.

To discuss the products available from UK insurers, speak to Ravenhall today about providing a bespoke proposal for your organisation. We can explain where the needs and risks are within your business.

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