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Pregnant Travel – Traveller Case Study

So what do you do…

You’ve booked your 30th birthday celebrations in Copenhagen over New Year’s Eve and you’re super excited for all of the fun, beer, sightseeing and amazing food you’ll be eating. Then BAM! You’re lucky enough to find out you’re pregnant! ARGH!!

Your inner adventurer/explorer/beer lover is gutted!

Not only this, it just so happens that the aforementioned trip is planned for 3 weeks before your baby’s due date. Not the most sensible idea. So with no time to waste, you begrudgingly set about cancelling the trip to Copenhagen and coming to terms with the fact that this opportunity will need to be shelved for perhaps 16 years or so.

Had I known then what I know now, we may not have lost money on this trip, but we won’t dwell too much on that. Without wanting to miss out completely, the plans changed from December to October and a flight from Copenhagen moved to a flight to Jersey.

Not the end of the world. Being around 24 weeks pregnant, I took advice from a friend about looking into travel insurance. As it was only a short trip away I hadn’t given it much thought, but then I realised that not many policies cover for actually having the baby abroad. Not only this, but I guess people would expect you to bring the baby home with you? So you need to think about travel documents, clothing for the baby, nappies and supplies – as well as somewhere to put him?! This is all assuming that everything goes ok…

Ravenhall MamAtoB was recommended to me and seemed to make sense. The policy clearly set out what would happen if I went into labour outside of the UK, what was needed, provided a budget for supplies and gave me and my husband peace of mind. Whilst I was in Jersey, I started with symptoms of pelvic girdle pain (PPGP) that got worse over the trip – all part of the fun of being pregnant. Thankfully I was able to see a doctor when I got home, but I did know that I had cover if anything went wrong or if I became more concerned whilst we were abroad.

Getting a twinge or a pain that you’re not expecting in a first time pregnancy can be scary. All I can do is recommend the right travel insurance to any pregnant mum to put your mind at ease and make sure that you and your baby have a safe.

We had a great time a wonderful rest and it was just want we needed before our world changed amazingly forever.

Thank you Ravenhall MamAtoB…..

Rebecca & Dan Hopwood  (….Oh and baby Hopwood)