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Protection for UK holiday makers

With questions over whether holidays abroad will be going ahead this summer, the demand for staycations has rocketed in the UK. It has been estimated that Brits will spend an estimated £7.1 billion on holidays and breaks in the UK this summer. For people who regularly stay in the UK for their holidays, they have seen the prices rise and some locations fully booked at peak times.

For most, holiday insurance has always been an essential part of planning for trips away from home. However, with so much uncertainty as we ease out of lockdown there may be additional factors to consider. For those that were impacted in 2020 by last minute cancellations or changes to their plans, you may have realised that better protection could have its benefits in the event of making a claim.

What is covered in my UK staycation travel insurance policy?

With a number of different products and policies available on the marketplace, it’s important to consider all of your plans over the next 12 months. Annual travel insurance policies can provide the best protection if you plan to have more than one holiday away from home. You should always ensure that UK breaks are covered, as well as the destinations aboard that you intend to visit.

While you may not know now about every trip you could make in the next 12 months, speaking with a member of our experienced team could help you to identify the best type of cover. If you know that some of your holidays could be in the UK, take the time to understand the definitions and points within your policy. For example, some insurers don’t count a break under 25 miles from your home as a holiday or could inflict a minimum number of nights spent away from work. Therefore, we recommend ensuring that your staycation is covered.


How do I know what medical costs are covered?

If your break is in the UK, you will benefit being able to use NHS’s services and should continue to utilise 111 telephone services or advice from your GP as usual. However, if you need to cut your break short because of the virus, or if you become ill – you will need to understand whether your policy offers any Covid protection. At this time, Ravenhall’s would recommend one of the more enhanced cover policies on the market. However, if the government advice is that you should stay home, not travel or holiday in the UK, your travel insurance may not be valid. This is where understanding the cancellation policy of your provider is really important, so that you know what is covered by that and what you need your insurance to rely on.

Travel Expert Gemma Favager of Travel Counsellors said “Understanding the impact of a variety of things that can cause holidays to be cancelled or postponed particularly the government restrictions and how the cancellation policy of your travel provider will work in each circumstance is very important always ask about cancellation policies before you book”

Speak to a member of our team if you would like to learn more.

Graeme Trudgill, executive director of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) explains: “As with cover for overseas holiday, travel insurance policies are designed to pay for irrecoverable costs so your insurer will expect you to speak to your accommodation and transport providers before it will help.”

What else will UK travel insurance provide?

A travel insurance policy for a holiday or break in the United Kingdom will give you many of the cover benefits you would enjoy if you were travelling abroad. These include:

For extra protection, your broker will consider extras to your policy to give you better protection. These can include vehicle breakdown cover, protection if you’re travelling with a pregnant party, or if you need to spend time in a hotel close to hospital for any reason.


Why use Ravenhall Risk Solutions for Travel Insurance?

Ravenhall Risk Solutions is a Chartered Insurance Brokers, with a team that prides itself on customer service, excellence and providing the best possible advice. By having a wealth of insurers and policies in our portfolio, our team can find the best solution based on your individual circumstances. When you use a comparison website, quite often you could be left over insured, or under insured. Ravenhall tailor your policy to suit your risk, activities and protection.


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