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The Importance of Dashcams in insurance

Dashcams have become more and more valuable to motorists in the UK, but from an insurance perspective they are critical when it comes to claims. A significant proportion of claims on the road are settled with split liability on the basis when there are no witnesses. A dashcam can be that independent witness. here we explain The Importance of Dashcams in insurance.

Previously we have shown you some great examples of dashcam footage

Its not only to prove innocence in a claim, especially when it’s a business vehicle, it helps fleet managers and business owners accept liability on claims when your driver is at fault, this helps keep claims costs low and contained. They can also help with driver safety and training needs.

Dashcam videos can be timestamped, making them a great source of evidence for any kind.

At Ravenhall, we urge all motorists to install and use dashcams, they are a great way to protect yourselves from the impact of accidents that were not your fault, improve driver safety and reduce claims costs and fraud on the roads.

Discounted Dashcams for Ravenhall Clients

Ravenhall have teamed up with Codeblue Communications, one of the regions leading suppliers of telematic and communications equipment and services,  to provide Dashcams to clients at £129 inc VAT for a Thinkware F200 camera, widely regarded as one of the best value dashcams on the market, capable of Full HD 1080P,Energy Saving Parking Recording, 140° Wide Angle, Safety Camera Alert (Optional Extra), Advanced Video Clear Technology, G-Sensor Incident Detection, Built-in Wi-Fi, Mobile app connectivity. Simply contact your Ravenhall Account manager or contact Code Blue quoting RAVENHALL

The Importance of Dashcams in insurance