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15 years of protecting and safeguarding what matters most

Ravenhall 15 years

As Ravenhall Risk Solutions look forward to celebrating 15 years in business, we have had the opportunity to reflect on our work, relationships, growth, and everything that we have learned during our time in business. At Ravenhall, we believe that we’re more than a team of experienced and dedicated insurance brokers. We are a team that works closely with people and businesses across the UK to help them protect what matters to them most. Whether this is their business assets, property, employees, equestrian property, or their family.

While the achievements of Ravenhall’s 15-year history are vast, and we have no plans to slow down, we have summarised some of our highlights in this short article.

Our team

Our team are experts in insurance and understand your needs. When a new client comes on board, we take the time to assign the right account management team based on the industry and business needs to ensure you’re always getting the best protection from your insurance.

Although you do not need any official qualifications to become an insurance broker, every member (at the time of writing) of the 26 strong team at Ravenhall Group are qualified insurance brokers. This standard has formed part of Ravenhall’s DNA and is part of the culture of the team to always deliver the highest standard.

DID YOU KNOW: When Neil Grimshaw and James Daly created Ravenhall Risk Solutions, neither were qualified insurance brokers. However, as directors Neil and James strived for a higher level of professionalism to allow themselves to be the best that they could be and further understand how they could help clients to safeguard their important assets. Both are now chartered insurance brokers with Higher level standard qualifications, who lead by example.

Chartered status

Ravenhall Risk Solutions are an Independent, Chartered Insurance Broker. It takes a commitment to be Chartered, and a commitment to an ethos which embeds how we work with clients, colleagues and insurance partners. For over 11 years, Ravenhall have proudly worn the ‘Chartered’ badge with pride, and this is something which symbolises that we invest in our people and follow a code of ethics set out by the institute.

Find out more about what it means to be Chartered in our blog.

UK wide support

With a head office in Leeds, Ravenhall also have a presence in Belfast and now in Luton, Bedfordshire. Ravenhall Group’s multi-site presence means that our team can think local, act national. Each broker can access the group’s rates and providers, finding you the best policy possible.

Our clients can be found in every corner of the UK and we’re proud to sustain relationships with people and businesses from Cornwall to Scotland. Director James Daly says “We’ve always been proud to ‘go the extra mile’ at Ravenhall and that’s true for our team of account execs and brokers. Everyone in our team works extremely hard to ensure that our clients, wherever they’re based are satisfied with their insurance and our relationship with their business.”

Caring in the community

The team at Ravenhall Group also believe in ‘giving back’ when they can. This could include charity fundraising, supporting charity events and projects, and also giving time and putting

Over the last 15 years, some of the organisations Ravenhall have been able to support include:

Ravenhall have proudly raised thousands of pounds to charity, supported community events, donated to food banks, taken time to fundraise and given their time to these organisations.

Neil Grimshaw says “It’s always been important to James and I to be able support those that need our help and resources. So, whether this is running many miles over a period of time, donating to a foodbank at Christmas, or auctioneering at a fundraising event, we find a way to give our time and effort as well as vital funds.”

Advancing with technology and partnerships

The last 18 months in the UK has been a real test for businesses to learn whether they can reflect, learn and adapt to survive through the pandemic. However, as Ravenhall Risk Solutions have been practising this approach to continually learn and develop for 15 years, our team are well adapted to change.

One of the key things that makes Ravenhall different is how our team have been able to utilise technology. Ravenhall Group invest in systems which improve processes and allow us to spend more time with clients, and less time on paperwork.

By being members of BIBA, Applied Client Networks UK, BETA, our team have been able to stay abreast of industry changes and improvements. This means that we can react to current legislation and best practises as they happen.


Ravenhall Risk Solutions are an award-winning group of Insurance Brokers. Ravenhall has been shortlisted 4 times for awards with the Insurance Times and won twice. Director Neil Grimshaw has also won a number of personal awards including Broker of the year, Broker’s Broker and Young Insurance Broker. Nathalie Cross from our Ravenhall Rural team has also won an award for the Yorkshire and Northern broker of the year.  Most recently Ravenhall were shortlisted for the Insurance Broker of the Year award in 2020 at the British Insurance awards.


As Ravenhall Group plans for the future and looks for new ways to add value to what we do, we wanted to reflect and acknowledge just how far we’ve come. If you have a positive comment or feedback that you would like to share with our team, do get in touch.